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I'm Maria Corazon Z. Soriano, from the Tuna City---General Santos City! A 5th year Computer Engineering student of MSU- IIT, Iligan City...My family calls me Ycoi...my relatives in Tubod call me Ycot...my classmates way back in high school call me Corax, Ycor or simply cor...my college classmates call me Ycor too...my boardmates call me ATe Ycot, Ate Ycor, Ycorita, Ycorrie Duck, Mader (hi duckling!)and my GOd calls me His child! ...hopin to be an engineer in God's perfect time... Life is all about trusting Him! Thank you my God!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008



December 14, 2007

12:32 AM

(ang kanta kay push of Matchbox 20)

How can someone like me feels this way?

The feeling makes me really happy….

Am I feeling the real thing?—It’s simply amazing!!!

It feels like love, It feels like forever

I’m afraid to be hurt but why not give it a chance?

You are the one I’d love to spend tomorrow

To share with you my laughters and cries

And to be with you till the end of time

Will I give up? Will I hold on?

Why am I holding on to something that is impossible?

Why am I holding when I know it will never be you and me?

Why am I holding on to someone who will never be mine?

My mind says give up but my heart wants to hold on

Please tell me what to do,

Till when will I be holding on?

When it’s clear to me what I really feel,

I told myself, I’ll take this fight

And win the battle for you and me

I’m just wonderin’, are you feeling the same thing?

Will you be there to fight with me?

Will you be there beside me?

I beg you darling please tell me honestly…

I’d love to wake up one day with you by my side

But how can it be when things are not just meant to be?

It hurts a lot, it breaks my heart

But I’ll still be here for you no matter what…

I’ll let go of you…

I’m so afraid to lose you

But I guess you don’t feel the way that I do

And I won’t wait for that day when I can’t pull myself back anymore

Because I’m so madly in love with you.

I’d rather lose you than to have you because you have to…

I’m praying for you always…

Halong always and GOD BLESS!!!

And for the last time, let me say this:

I do love you…

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keirboy said...

hi cor... ka visit na gyud ko sa imong blog... i update... ako kay wla na kau...