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General Santos City, Region XII, Philippines
I'm Maria Corazon Z. Soriano, from the Tuna City---General Santos City! A 5th year Computer Engineering student of MSU- IIT, Iligan City...My family calls me Ycoi...my relatives in Tubod call me Ycot...my classmates way back in high school call me Corax, Ycor or simply cor...my college classmates call me Ycor too...my boardmates call me ATe Ycot, Ate Ycor, Ycorita, Ycorrie Duck, Mader (hi duckling!)and my GOd calls me His child! ...hopin to be an engineer in God's perfect time... Life is all about trusting Him! Thank you my God!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008



To every song and every poem
To every care you’ve shown
To every laugh and every tear
To every worry and every fear
To every hug and every sweet kiss
Goodbye to all of these.

To every promise you’ve made
To every dream that can’t come true
To every pain I’ve felt
To every tear I’ve cried
Now, it’s time to say goodbye.

I forgot that nothing lasts forever
There is no such thing as forever
Forever is a lie!
But if there’s a place I wish to keep you—
It would be in the PAST where YOU were once TRUE!


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