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I'm Maria Corazon Z. Soriano, from the Tuna City---General Santos City! A 5th year Computer Engineering student of MSU- IIT, Iligan City...My family calls me Ycoi...my relatives in Tubod call me Ycot...my classmates way back in high school call me Corax, Ycor or simply cor...my college classmates call me Ycor too...my boardmates call me ATe Ycot, Ate Ycor, Ycorita, Ycorrie Duck, Mader (hi duckling!)and my GOd calls me His child! ...hopin to be an engineer in God's perfect time... Life is all about trusting Him! Thank you my God!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

What I've Learned in Life

I've learned that.....

  • It really takes time to heal a heart that’s been broken.
  • It’s not easy to forgive the person you never thought would cause you pain.
  • When you love, be open to the possibility that you might not end up together.
  • Don’t expect too much.
  • It is so easy to say that it’s okay if you’ll not end up together and that whatever happen you will always be there as a friend for that person, truth is, it’s very hard to let go.
  • No matter how hard you protect yourself not to be hurt, it is impossible because when you love you are giving that person the right to hurt you.
  • When you love, don’t give it to all. Leave something for yourself.
  • Once trust has been broken, it’s so hard to trust again.
  • Love yourself first before others could love you.
  • Don’t fall in love with your friend because when you do, you’re taking risk of the friendship. And worse, it’s so hard to be friends again(@,@).
  • Nothing lasts forever.
  • It feels great to have friends who are always by your side.
  • Nothing compares to the pain of losing the one who means most to me.
  • It’s so hard to accept that things will never be the same again.
  • It pains me thinking of my father. I wish he’s still here with us.
  • When I’m hurt, I’m good at hiding the pain.
  • I could still smile even if I’m hurting deep inside.
  • I haven’t yet accepted the truth that he is really gone. I’m always missing you Papang and I’m trying to get you off from my mind so I’ll not feel the pain anymore and somehow it works but I just couldn’t help it, it pains me that you are gone forever.
  • I love my family so much. I have so many dreams for them.
  • God never leaves me and He is always at my side.
  • I’m making my nights into days because of nonsense things.
  • I could sleep for at most two hours.


keirboy said...

bongga lagi na ai...

keirboy said...

oi cor... i bongga napud na imong blog... az en!!!

YcOR_SoriaNo said...

hehe...anams maam...kaw pod tarunga imong blog pra pangkabuhayan showcase...hehe...